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Join Dnyandeep as an Active Member

Dnyandeep Foundation has launched a Comprehensive Distance Education Portal Website for compiling Resource Personnel Database in various fields of Education & Research.
This information shall be useful for building up common interest groups for undertaking joint projects in fields of Education, Technology Transfer, Employment or Business Promotion.
Individual Members
Students -Rs.500/-, Teachers & Resource Persons - Rs.1000/-, Consultants - Rs. 2000/-
Organization Members -
Educational Institute - Rs.5,000/-, Social Organization - Rs.3000/-,
Industry & Business- Rs. 10,000/-
Benefits of Membership
1. Every resource group member shall get one web page for display of his resume/portfolio. This page shall have edit facility and the member can update his information on the page.
2.Every resource group member shall be given one email id ( हा ई-मेल स्पँमबॉट्स पासुन् सुरक्षित आहे. हा बघण्यासाठि जावास्क्रिप्ट सक्रिय करा. ) for communication with foundation. The member can change password at any time.
3.The members can publish their articles and blogs, can act as resource for distance education and participate in Dnyandeep Foundation activities.
4.For training programs and seminars or events, the members will have concessional fee.
You are requested to give following information for inclusion on the website in the section of Human Resource Database.
Visit Us :   Dr. S. V. Ranade
Dnyandeep Education & Research Foundation

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ज्ञानदीपचे संचालक डॉ.सु. वि. रानडे व सौ. शुभांगी सु. रानडे यांच्या सांगलीतील ग्रीन एफ.एम. ९०.४ वर दिनांक २० व २७ जुलै २०१२ रोजी मुलाखती घेण्यात आल्या होत्या. त्यांच्या ध्वनीफिती

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